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Over the years at Dependable Building Services, clients have asked us to add services so that we could help in different capacities. Many conversations started with, “We love your communication and you do great work. Could you help us out with…”?

While it was an undertaking at first, we quickly added licensed professionals in other service fields and cross-trained our employees. We became what we are today, a fully licensed facility and construction maintenance firm. We self-perform most of the following services:

Generator Service and Construction

We are Kohler and Generac certified.

Electrical Service and Construction

From minor build-out to upgrading your panel and digging trenches.

Parking Lot Light Service and Construction

We have bucket trucks and lifts – and we do NOT charge for use of our vehicles.

Nationwide Fire Suppression Service and Construction

From services as basic as cleaning up code violations to installing a completely new system.

Weed Abatement

As certified pesticide handlers, we can spray and dispose of weeds, as well as remove stumps and bushes.

Minor Roof Repairs

Many of our technicians have roofing experience. For larger or more complex jobs, we partner with qualified roofing companies that work under our supervision.

Repair/Replace Door Locks

We frequently perform this service for telecom sites and industrial buildings.

Additional Building Services

Whatever you need, we will either provide the service ourselves or recommend a qualified vendor to get the job done quickly and economically.

One Phone Call – Dependable Building Services

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